Heart themed knitting bag

With two weeks to go before my Nan’s 80th Birthday I realised I didn’t have a present for her, nor did I know what to buy her. This is a lady who didn’t really want anything, so I opted to make something for her. I was given Jazz Domino Holly’s book for my Birthday and browsed it in somewhat of a panic, before finding a straightforward pattern for a knitting bag. So here’s the finished creation.

I found the fabric at Fabric Land in Reading (only £3.25 per. metre) and the handles on Amazon (around £6). To add a bit of character I cut out two heart shaped fabrics using some felt I had (can’t go wrong with felt!) and voila, a knitting bag. The sewing is far from perfect, especially around the handles, and I found it particularly difficult to get my sewing machine on side. I definitely need more practice.

I filled it with some balls of wool and a bag of sweets and I think my Nan liked it. 🙂


Yeah, I’m blogging

After toying with the idea for a long time now, I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. I can’t imagine that it’ll be particularly sophisticated or a great read – but it’s mine, and that’s what counts. 🙂

So who am I? Well I’m 26 and I live in Surrey and I have a cat called Freds. I have a love for disaster films, food, more food, adventures at home and abroad, craft, trashy pop, baking, a good natter and photography. Since the beginning of 2011 I’ve been doing a photo-a-day project, which has become my own visual diary.

I love seeing the world and I’m always looking for a new adventure. Most recently I’ve just completed the three peaks challenge; let’s see what happens next!